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European Union Studies

Europe Reset: New Directions for the EU
What Next?: Britain's Future in Europe
The European Union: An Introduction
The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration
An Island in Europe: The EU and the Transformation of Cyprus
Turkey and the Dilemma of EU Accession: When Religion Meets Politics
Extending the European Security Community: Constructing Peace in the Balkans
United in Diversity: European Integration and Political Cultures
Regional Identity and Diversity in Europe: Experience in Wales, Silesia and Flanders
The Struggle for Europe's Constitution
The EU and Romania: Accession and Beyond
The United States of Europe
The Struggle for Europe's Constitution
The EU and Turkey
Britain and Euroland: A Collection of Essays
The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone?
Super-state: Britain and the Drive to a New Europe
The EU and Moldova
  • The EU and Moldova

  • Edited by: Ann Lewis | Preface by: Chris Patten
  • Paperback£31.00 | $115.00
Convention on the Future of Europe: Working Towards an EU Constitution
The Federal Trust Guide to the EU Institutions
Embracing Cyprus: The Path to Unity in the New Europe
Choice and Representation in the European Union
Whole and Free NATO EU Enlargement
The EU and Russia
The Treaty of Nice Explained