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The Ottoman Empire and the World


Series editor: Warren Dockter

As our understanding of Ottoman history continues to evolve, a new generation of scholars are exploring questions of identities, class, society, diplomacy and trade. The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) is internationally renowned for its support of new independent academic research in the region across various fields, including archaeology, ancient and modern history, heritage management, social sciences and contemporary issues in public policy, and political sciences.  I.B.Tauris will now publish work in conjunction with the BIAA a new monograph book series, The Ottoman Empire and the World. This collaborative collection of specially commissioned books will focus on the identity, history and society of the Ottoman Empire and the world it inhabited, from the reign of Osman I to the dissolution of the Empire in the early 1920s. 

As an international publisher I.B.Tauris is well placed to support the growing movement toward international and transnational perspectives in the field, and to produce high-standard scholarly monographs which reflect our original and independent approach to the social sciences. 

The series will:

Reassess the historical and economic legacy of the region’s history.
Reconsider Ottoman history in an international context.
Incorporate strands of grand strategy and international politics into the historical narrative.
Explore the Ottoman Empire’s relationship with Europe and powers in Asia.
Raise new questions about Ottoman identity and society.
Provide an outlet for new work in the field from emerging scholars.
Support the fellowship programme of the BIAA.
Encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to Ottoman history.

Each title will be published as a hardback and, simultaneously, as a student-friendly Kindle edition.
For more information, or to submit a proposal for inclusion in the series, please contact:

Tom Stottor, Editor, History

[email protected]

Advisory Board:

Prof. Şevket Pamuk (Istanbul)
Prof. Fuat Keyman (Istanbul)
Dr.  Laurent Mignon (Oxford)
Prof. Gerald Maclean (Exeter)

New and forthcoming:

Nationalism and Identity in the Ottoman Balkans: The Impact of Wars and Revolutions from the Sultans to Ataturk, Dimitris Stamatopoulos (ed.)
The Ottomans and Eastern Europe: Borders, Conflict and Patronage in the Early Modern World, Michał Wasiucionek


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