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Photography Reframed: New Visions in Contemporary Photographic Culture

Photography Reframed: New Visions in Contemporary Photographic Culture

Edited by: Ben Burbridge, Annebella Pollen

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At a critical point in the development of photography, this book offers an engaging, detailed and far-reaching examination of the key issues that are defining contemporary photographic culture. Photography Reframed addresses the impact of radical technological, social and political change across a diverse set of photographic territories: the ontology of photography; the impact of mass photographic practice; the public display of intimate life; the current state of documentary, and the political possibilities of photographic culture. These lively, accessible essays by some of the best writers in photography together go deep into the most up-to-date frameworks for analysing and understanding photographic culture and shedding light on its histories. Photography Reframed is a vital road map for anyone interested in what photography has been, what it has become, and where it is going.

Table of Contents

Photography Reframed: Always, Already, Again, Ben Burbridge and Annebella Pollen

Section I. New Ontologies: Photography between the Archive and the Network
1. Technology and Interaction: Penelope Umbrico’s TVs from Craigslist, Duncan Wooldridge
2. Post-representational Photography, or the Grin of Schrödinger’s Cat, Daniel Rubinstein
3. Archival Measures: Photography Collections in a New Media Age,Tina Di Carlo
4. The Grain of Ephemera/Event: Thinking Digital Archive through Photography, Sen Uesaki and Jelena Stojkovic
5. Tomorrow’s Headlines Are Today’s Fish and Chip Papers: Some Thoughts on ‘Response-ability’
David Campany interviewed by Duncan Wooldridge

Section II. Mass Culture and the Politics of Distinction
6. Popular Photographic Cultures in Photography Studies, Gil Pasternak
7. The Photographer as Reader: The Aspirational Amateur in the Photo-Magazines, Peter Buse
8. Mrs Wagner’s Aspirations: The Album as Monument, Martha Langford
9. When is a Cliché not a Cliché?: Reconsidering Mass-produced Sunsets, Annebella Pollen

Section III. (Networked) Society and the Spectacle: Photography and Exhibitionism
10. The Shirt Off His Back: Male Torsos on Display in Contemporary Visual Culture, Marvin Heiferman
11. The Politics of Amateurism in Online Pornography, Feona Attwood
12 What a Body Can Do: From the Frenzy of the Communicative to the Visual Bond, Francis Summers
13. Hating Habermas: On Exhibitionism, Shame and Life on the Actually Existing Internet, Theresa M. Senft
14. Paradise Lost: Exhibitionism and the Work of Nan Goldin, Ben Burbridge

Section IV. Documentary Photography and Global Crisis
15. The Déjà Vu of September 11: An Essay on Inter-iconicity, Clément Chéroux
16. Facing War: Photography and Humanism, Iain Boal and Julian Stallabrass
17. War Primers, David Evans
18. Immigration Photography in Italy, Andrea Pogliano
19. Landscape Photography’s ‘New Humanism’, Chad Elias

Section V. Citizens? Photography, Resistance and Control
20. Dead End Streets: Photography, Protest and Social Control, David Hoffman
21. Escaping the Panopticon, Pauline Hadaway
22 ‘You Don’t Even Represent Us’: Picturing the Moscow Protests, Aglaya Glebova
23. Occupy the Image, Liam Devlin
24. The Becoming-Photographer in Technoculture, Sarah Kember
Closing Reflections, Ronnie Close, Catherine Grant, Sarah E. James and Sandra Plummer

Afterword, Charlotte Cotton

List of Illustrations
Contributor Biographies

Author Info

Ben Burbridge is Senior Lecturer in Art History and Co-Director of the Centre for Photography and Visual Culture at the University of Sussex. He is widely published in the field of photography, art and politics. Curatorial projects include the 2012 Brighton Photo Biennial, Agents of Change: Photography and the Politics of Space and Revelations: Experiments in Photography.

Annebella Pollen is Principal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design at the University of Brighton. She is widely published in the field of visual and material culture. She is the author of The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift: Intellectual Barbarians (2015), Mass Photography: Collective Histories of Everyday Life (I.B.Tauris, 2016) and co-editor of Dress History: New Directions in Theory and Practice (2015).


'Featuring some of the world's most interesting writers on photography, this anthology provides a series of thematic glimpses into the now-infinite depths of our contemporary photographic world. Short and pithy, these essays remind us that a grasp of that world is vital to our present and future literacy. Recommended for all who have an interest in photography and its potentials.'
Geoffrey Batchen, Professor of the History of Photography & Contemporary Art, University of New York Graduate Center, and author of Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography

`Photography as we understood it only a decade ago has changed beyond all recognition. Photography Reframed draws on the expertise of a new generation of theorists and artists to explore photography at the interesting juncture at which we find ourselves. It will prove invaluable for all those interested in how the medium's role and uses are being reimagined in the twenty-first century.'
Brett Rodgers, Director, The Photographers' Gallery, London

`Photography Reframed is at its best a quantum-like unmasking of certitudes from the last century as well as from our own precarious moment. Its diverse reflections, from the "Grin of Schroedinger's Cat" to "Escaping the Panopticon" and "Hating Habermas", coalesce into a timely primer for an old/new form of delinquency: the thoughtful conversation.'
Fred Ritchin, Dean Emeritus, International Centre for Photography, New York. Author of Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary, and the Citizen.

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: I.B.Tauris
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd.

ISBN: 9781784538835
Publication Date: 29 Jun 2018
Number of Pages: 288
Height: 216
Width: 138
Illustrations: 40 black and white integrated illustrations

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