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Marketing & Publicity: How You Can Help

Congratulations on becoming an I.B.Tauris author. Here are a few ways in which you can help with the promotion.


1. The Marketing & Publicity Questionnaire

Please fill in and return the Marketing & Publicity Questionnaire, which will be emailed to you prior to publication. It will ask you to give suggestions for how to promote your book, and to provide any relevant contacts you may have. If you have any questions or have mislaid your questionnaire, please contact Tia Ali.


2. Marketing Materials

At the time of your book’s  publication, you will be asked by our marketing team whether you’d like to receive a promotional flyer to distribute amongst friends and colleagues.  You can request flyers at any time, and other marketing material such as bookmarks and posters, by contacting Tia Ali


3. Reviews 

Please provide the names of any reviewers you want us to contact in the contacts list of the Marketing & Publicity questionnaire. We will draw up a review list for your book, drawing on both our existing contacts and the contacts you suggest. 

Please bear in mind that scholarly journals may take between 6 months and 2 years to review books.

For questions about reviews, please contact Rory Gormley.


4. Online customer reviews

Online customer reviews are now one of the most powerful ways of promoting your book. Make sure you remind all the people who have read your book to write a review for their preferred bookseller  e.g. amazon.co.uk, foyles.co.uk, blackwells.co.uk, bookdepository.co.uk or waterstones.com.


5. Amazon

You can set up an author page on Amazon for free, which will be visible to anyone browsing the site. This is an excellent way to gain extra exposure on Amazon. 


6. Social Media

I.B.Tauris has a presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have an account on any of these, or other, social networks, do get in touch with Tia Ali to let us know.


7. Blogs

Blogs can be one of the most effective ways of promoting your book to potential readers. If you already have an established blog, then this is an excellent place to promote your book. Similarly if any of your contacts are well-respected or prolific bloggers, it would be worth asking them to review your book. For questions about your blog, please contact Rory Gormley.


8. Links to your book

Set up a link to your book’s page on the I.B.Tauris website in your email signature. If you have a blog or website, make sure that you mention the book on your site, and provide a link to the I.B.Tauris website. We can provide you with cover graphics, a 3D image of your book, and a PDF extract.


9. Book launches

If you are planning to host your own book launch, please email Rory Gormley in plenty of time so that we can provide you with marketing materials and copies of your books for sale at a discounted event price. 


10. Conferences

If you're planning to speak at a conference, please let us know. We can help you promote your book by providing flyers, and by offering discounts for conference delegates. Contact Tia Ali to let us know about upcoming conferences and to request flyers or other marketing material.


11. Bookshops

Ask your library or university bookshop or your local bookshop about ordering your book.


North America

If you live in United States or Canada or are travelling to North America and would like to promote your book there, please contact Clare Kathleen Bogen.


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