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Ancients and Moderns

How can classics and antiquity illuminate critical issues in the modern world? How does classics help us to address contemporary problems and conflict-resolution? In what ways do modern insights and theories shed new light on the interpretation of ancient texts, monuments, artefacts and cultures? The central aim of this exciting new series is to show how antiquity is relevant to life and times today. The series also points towards the ways in which the modern and classical worlds are mutually connected and interrelated. Lively, engaging, and historically informed, Ancients and Moderns examines key ideas and practices in context. It shows how societies and cultures have been shaped by ideas and debates that recur. Evincing strong appeal to beginning students and their teachers in a variety of disciplines, as well as within classics and ancient history, each book will be elegantly written for non-specialists, avoiding jargon.

In helping its readers appreciate the role played by antiquity in shaping and restructuring modern issues, ideas and debates, Ancients and Moderns shows precisely how classics can function as a truly dynamic force for change in the present day. Above all, it shows that, far from being ‘dry’, or a ‘dead’ subject, the new classics explored by a series such as this has vital practical relevance to questions and dilemmas in the 21st century.

Series Editor: Phiroze Vasunia, Professor of Greek, University College London

Death: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Drama: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Gender: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Luck, Fate and Fortune: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Medicine: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Politics: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Religion: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Science: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Sex: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Slavery: Antiquity and Its Legacy
The Art of the Body: Antiquity and Its Legacy
War: Antiquity and Its Legacy

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