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Library of Modern American History

Library of Modern American History

The 20th century was in many ways ‘America’s century’. As the US’ sole-superpower status begins to wane, a new generation of scholars are re-assessing the major moments – in politics, the social sciences, culture and the arts – which have made America the defining power of the last 100 years. I.B.Tauris will publish their work in a new academic book series, The Library of Modern American History, which aims to reflect new avenues of research and enliven the debate on America. It will promote the new archival findings of the recent past and provide a platform for the new voices in the field – publishing each book both as an attractively jacketed hardback and, simultaneously, as a student-friendly and affordable Kindle edition.

As an international publisher I.B.Tauris is well placed to publish scholarship from both inside and outside the US, and to produce high-standard scholarly monographs which reflect our original and independent approach to the social sciences. Building upon the I.B.Tauris expertise in European and Middle-Eastern history and politics, this will be a series with an international perspective – 20th century America in context, both historically and geographically – and will publish the first work of the next generation of American history scholars.

The series will:

• Reassess the historical consensus surrounding modern American history

• Reconsider America’s place in an international context

• Provide an outlet for new work in the field from emerging scholars

• Address current issues in response to modern contexts

• Encourage a forward-thinking and multi-disciplinary approach to US history

Each book will be published as a jacketed hardback and, simultaneously, as an affordable Kindle edition.

Advisory Board:

Marilyn B. Young, Professor of History at New York University and author of The Vietnam Wars, 1955-1990
Roger Fagge, Lecturer in Comparative American History at the University of Warwick

I.B.Tauris invites submissions from authors (new and established scholars) who would like to contribute to the series.

For further information or enquiries please contact the editor:

Tomasz Hoskins thoskins@ibtauris.com

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