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Library of Modern Religion

A Short History of Atheism
Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi'ism
Chinese Philosophy: An Introduction
Chinese Philosophy: The Essential Writings: Vol. 42
Chinese Philosophy: The Essential Writings: Vol. 42
Cyborg Theology: Humans, Technology and God
Dharma: The Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh Traditions of India
Dharma: The Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh Traditions of India
Dying for Faith: Religiously Motivated Violence in the Contemporary World
Encounters with Islam: On Religion, Politics and Modernity
Gemini and the Sacred: Twins and Twinship in Religion and Mythology
Lonesome: The Spiritual Meanings of American Solitude
Perceptions of Islam in Europe: Culture, Identity and the Muslim 'other'
Religion and Popular Music in Europe: New Expressions of Sacred and Secular Identity
Shamanism: The Western Quest for an Esoteric Spirituality

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