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New Directions in Byzantine Studies


Series editor:
Dionysios Stathakopoulos, KCL, London

Advisory board:

Kostis Smyrlis, NYU
Vlada Stankovic, University of Belgrade
Claudia Sode, University of Cologne

I.B.Tauris New Directions in Byzantine Studies will showcase the work of writers who are setting new agendas, working at the frontiers of the field and, most importantly, the next generation of Byzantine scholarship. Our key goals are to:

Explore Byzantium’s peripheries (geographically, socially). 
Focus on linguistic and translation skills – Armenian and Syriac are especially under-privileged. 
Foster a series with broad, inter-disciplinary bent.
Promote innovative research methods.
Demonstrate the empire as dynamic, complex and fluid – the crossroads between East and West.
Present content such that, although monographs, books will appeal to a general readership when released as a paperback.

Key topics:

Archaeology and material culture.
Economy and trade.
Art and architecture.
Crusades and warfare.
International diplomacy.
The history of Christianity; developments and schisms; papal politics.
Religious tolerance; religious exchange; religious persecution.
Political development and reform.
Legal development and reform.
Philosophy and the history of ideas.
Developments in social history.

For more information, or to submit a proposal for inclusion in the series, please contact:

Tom Stottor, Editor, History


New and forthcoming

Politics and Government in Byzantium: The Rise and Fall of the Bureaucrat Class, Jonathan Shea

Byzantine Spain: A History of Spania, Jamie Wood

Byzantine Sardinia: A History, Salvatore Cosentino


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