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Written Culture and Identity


miriam cooke, Duke University

Advisory Board:

Caroline Rooney, University of Kent 
Ayman A. El-Desouky, SOAS
Erdağ Göknar, Duke University
Dalia Mostafa, University of Manchester
Anastasia Valassopoulos, University of Manchester
Karima Laachir, SOAS
Atef Alshaer, University of Westminster

I.B.Tauris is pleased to announce the launch of the Written Culture and Identity academic monograph book series. The dynamic literature and cultural production of the Middle East both reflects and is a key way of understanding a region which, through ongoing wars, revolutions and Islamic extremism, is undergoing rapid and unprecedented transformation. The series will encompass a wide range of innovative approaches to interrogating and exploring the relationship between gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, identity and the literature and cultural production of the contemporary Middle East in the broadest sense.
Building on I.B.Tauris’ established record of Middle Eastern studies titles for both academic and general readers, the series will showcase the work of emerging and established writers who are setting new agendas in the field of Middle Eastern cultural and literary studies.

Key areas of focus:

Literature, aesthetics and national identity
Transnational and transcultural studies
Postcolonial literatures of the Middle East
Single author/country studies
Diasporic and exilic writing of the Middle East
Genre studies
Literary and cultural theory
Politically engaged and resistance literatures
Literatures of Conflict and Reconciliation

Existing and forthcoming titles:

Beirut, Imagining the City: Space and Place in Lebanese Literature, Ghenwa Hayek, University of Chicago

Imagining Kurdistan: Identity, Culture and Society, Özlem Belçim Galip, University of Oxford

Mahmoud Darwish: Literature and the Politics of Palestinian Identity, Muna Abu Eid, Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies in Tel Aviv University

The Literature of the Iranian Diaspora: Meaning and Identity Since the Islamic Revolution, Sanaz Fotouhi, Monash University,

The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora: Representations of Place and Transnational Identity, Jumana Bayeh, Macquarie University

Edward Said's Concept of Exile: Identity and Cultural Migration in the Middle East, Rehnuma Sazzad The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Censorship of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Iran, Alireza Abiz

Language and National Identity in Palestine: Representations of Power and Resistance in Gaza, Atef Alshaer, University of Westminster

Titles in the series will join our list in being marketed globally, including at conferences across the world. Each book will be subjected to a rigorous peer-review process and will be published in hardback – with bespoke packaging and full-colour cover – and, simultaneously, as an e-book. We also anticipate a second release in paperback for the general reader and student markets.

For more information, or to submit a proposal for inclusion in the series, please contact:

Rory Gormley, Editor, Literature and Linguistics



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