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Who Watching

Why so many books on the Doctor at I.B.Tauris? Why the ongoing Who Watching project? Well, the Doctor is central to contemporary media, and remarkably almost spans the history of television itself.

Written for a receptive audience of fans and students, they have been warmly welcomed and have helped form a community, engaged in an argumentative dialogue about the history and future of the Doctor. Intelligent and loyal, with deep, deep knowledge of their field, provocative in their views, discriminating and critical too – Doctor Who fans keep us on our toes to publish the best writing on and thinking about this extraordinary phenomenon.

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Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour: A Critical Celebration of the Matt Smith and Steven Moffat Era
Inside the Tardis: The Worlds of
Once Upon a Time Lord: The Myths and Stories of Doctor Who
Tardisbound: Navigating the Universes of Doctor Who
Who is Who?: The Philosophy of Doctor Who

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