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Library of Islamic South Asia

South Asia is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. From early Muslim dynastic rulers to the Mughals, Colonial Rule, Partition and beyond, Islam has played a pivotal part in influencing the history of the region. As South Asia rapidly develops, to what extent will its Islamic heritage and culture influence the region in future? This unique new series opens up innovative avenues for research and debate in exploring the politics, heritage and future of Islamic South Asia.

Located thematically in South Asia, and focusing pluralistic Islamic formations and practices, this series reflects how the mutually intertwined past and present have conditioned debates regarding belonging, sociality and community, law, history and citizenship. At the same time, the South Asian subcontinent has also been inhabited for centuries by Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Parsees and people of numerous other faiths and practices. Rich and provocative dialogues have taken place among these different traditions to create a culturally diverse and ever-changing region.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach the series will:

  • Explore and reconsider the role of Islam in South Asia, both historically and in a contemporary context.
  • Provide an outlet for new work in the field from emerging scholars.
  • Address current issues in response to modern contexts.
  • Encourage a forward-thinking and multi-disciplinary approach to South Asian and Islamic Studies.

I.B.Tauris invites submissions from authors (new and established scholars) who would like to contribute to the series. For further information or enquiries please contact the editor: Sophie Rudland: srudland@ibtauris.com.

Download  the series flyer.

Series Editor:
Ruby Lal, Emory University

Advisory Board:
Iftikhar Dadi, Cornell University
Stephen F. Dale, Ohio State University
Michael Fisher, Oberlin College
Ebba Koch, University of Vienna
David Lewis, LSE
Francis Robinson, Royal Holloway, University of London
Willem van Schendel, University of Amsterdam

Ron Sela, Indiana University Bloomington
Nira Wickramasinghe, Leiden University

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