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A History of the Royal Navy

A History of the Royal Navy

The History of the Royal Navy series provides a complete history of the Royal Navy from its creation to the present day. Published by I.B.Tauris, in association with the National Museum for the Royal Navy, these volumes are written by experienced naval historians and feature the latest cutting-edge research, as well as many illustrations from the museum’s collections. Written for a general readership, they are the first port-of-call for anyone interested in naval history, or anyone new to the subject who wishes to understand the pivotal role that the Navy has played in Britain’s history.

A History of the Royal Navy: World War I
The Royal Navy: A History Since 1900



About the National Museum of the Royal Navy
The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) was formed in 2009 to amalgamate a number of existing naval museums – the Royal Naval Museum, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, the Royal Marines Museum and the Fleet Air Arm Museum. In 2011, the NMRN took responsibility for the conservation, presentation and interpretation of HMS Victory, although she remains a commissioned warship in the Royal Navy.

‘The role in Britain’s history of the Royal Navy is all too easily and too often over-looked; this series will go a long way to redressing the balance. Anyone with an interest in British history in general or the Royal Navy in particular will find this series an invaluable and enjoyable resource.’
Tim Benbow, Defence Studies Department, King's College London

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